What is a greater driver of success, talent or the will to win? Do you want to connect, find joy, make health or weight changes, see below...<br/> Here is one of the worksheet challenges I use for my food coaching clients and womens health classes and retreats. If you are considering making a few changes in your life you might want to consider this question: Enjoy and Happy living! Heatherann<br/> <br/> Where is the evolutionof your health, food and your body taking you? If you kept doing and living the way you areliving today where would you be in 5, 10, 20, 50 years? If you incorporated even 2 concepts selfnourishment, such as meditating, letting go of compulsive eating/food control,changing what you eat, exercising, giving yourself 1 hour a day for you, wherewill you be in that 5, 10, 20, 50 years? Is your life evolving and asking you to take a new path? This might meanthat you are simply miserable in your present life and what you have beenliving and telling yourself is no longer working for you, not bringing you thesame fulfillment it once did. Or itcould mean that you are having health, gut, skin, weight issues that are a signthat change needs to happen. What doesthat change mean to you, your health, your food relationships, and yourbody? What feelings are you feeling whenyou think or talk about change? Where doyou feel it inside your body? Identify what you are telling yourself through the evolution of your health, food relationships, andbody if you continued the way you have been living, then how that may change ifyou incorporated self nourishment.



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